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  • Naval Expert
  • Naval judicial expert opinions.
  • Inspection of damage to engines and machinery.
  • Yacht/Ship Valuation
  • Sea trials
  • Inspecciones de daños de casco.
  • Evaluations and appraisal of yacht

ITB Surveys

We are the authorized office to carry out regulatory inspections under Royal Decree 1434/1999. Periodic, intermediate or additional. Check out our most competitive prices on the market.

Naval Engineering/Navarl Architects

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Pre-purchase survey

  • Inspection afloat. Verification and operation of equipment.
  • Dry inspection. Evaluation of the external structure, patent condition, bumps, osmosis rubs, cracks, oxides, shafts and rudders
  • Sea trial. Sailing we check the engines, steering systems, temperature, pressure and speed.

Comisarios de Averias

Investigación de accidentes en náutica y transporte en general

  • Investigación y evaluación de daños.
  • Verificación estado mercancía post/pre transporte.
  • Valoración/tasación del siniestro.


If you have an idea of ​​modification, restoration or new project in mind, we help you with its development, start-up and legal aspects

Mediciones IMS/ORC

Mediciones cascos, aparejos, velas para obtener certificados ORC/IMS. Le ayudamos a optimizar su embarcación para la competición.

Facilities of the yacht surveyor

We offer the services of our naval experts in all the provinces of Spain but especially in the Spanish Levante: Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Almería.

We are a team of Yacht Sureveyors / Marine Surveors and yacht surveyors,with Spanish and European degrees from the most prestigious Universities specialized in the naval sector. Our naval expert reports and technical documentation generated in this regard that any incident, of high quality to be able to be attended in trials or courts.

We work as nautical expertsfor insurance companies or for the insured or in the case of being appointed by a judge or court. We also collaborate with naval engineers or maritime experts in different cities in the country.

Naval expert, nautical expert, Yacht surveyor

From Latin peritus,an expert is an experienced, skilled or understood person in a science or art. The naval expert is the expert in a certain field, in this case related to naval engineering that, thanks to his knowledge, acts as a source of consultation for conflict resolution. Naval experts or nautical experts deal with research on ships, nautical structures, ships and other floating artifacts.

Naval Architect / Naval Engineer

Naval architect must carry out the development and construction of crafts and the components that operate them. Thus, we can see that these can either manage the project in its entirety or get involved in areas of specialization, such as theNaval Architecture. Another field in which these professionals are often seen is in the organization and port administration,both at the administrative level and in the study of the transport of maritime cargo. miritime.

Experts in this field, naval experts know that they must take considerations when building all kinds of vessels. Important factors to consider are: the loads they will be subjected to, the number of crew members, distance you will have to travel, environmental variants of the region where you will operate and much more.

Naval expert functions

Its professional functions range from ship design and in general floating vessels and artefacts, and planning, to project definition and construction of any floating material, such as yachts, vessels, oil rigs and even wind fields far from the coast, and fish farms, as well as their maintenance and repair, and applied research, technical development in the fields of design and construction , and the administration of floating material production sites (yards).

The naval engineer must possess knowledge of many different aspects and fields of engineering, such as power generation and transport, naval engine manufacturing and installation, dynamic metal structures, logistics, industrial organization, etc.

Another field is port activity and the management of fleets and shipping companies, i.e the organization and port administrationeither administratively, such as the number of crew members that a vessel will endure, the distance that the vessel has totravel, the climatic factors, the transport of maritime cargo, or the organization of transport and traffic of cargo on the vessels.

And their goals are based on providing our customers with quality results, quickly and professionally.

Naval expert reports

At the time to perform the naval expert reports these will be done objectively, based on their technical knowledge, but at the same time understandable for people who are neither nor nor have to be specialists in the field.

As in the judicial process it is necessary to be able to collect all the information in order to be able to resolve fairly, the expert report must be exhaustive and must make available all the problems that may have arisen in the realization of the activities of a certain naval engineer, even, of course, that of the possible hidden vices of the vessel Etc.

Typically, an naval architect is a person who has the tools to solve problems. There are many engineering specializations, including naval engineering.

In certain cases, such as when analyzing the conditions of navigability, appraisal, breakdown analysis, load analysis, regulatory compliance, claims analysis... the work of a naval expert can be fundamental.

The reports may serve as evidence of party en el juzgado, y en el caso de tener el perito que ratificarlo en un proceso deberá convencer a éste o al tribunal de sus conclusiones.

Disciplina Náutica

La disciplina náutica es compleja para los que no pertenecen al sector. Puede ser prácticamente imposible encontrar un Perito Naval con conocimientos específicos en el área de su caso, además de tener las habilidades necesarias para desarrollar una Pericial Naval y defenderla durante un juicio. Nuestros Peritos Navales son Ingenieros expertos en la construcción y diseño de embarcaciones de recreo, buques, cruceros, e incluso puertos. Son conocedores, por tanto, de las técnicas empleadas en la producción y transporte de elementos relacionados con el mar. Un Peritaje Naval, requiere el conocimiento y uso de metodologías específicas y de ensayos para investigar el problema dentro de los términos de la litis. El trabajo de nuestros Peritos Navales puede tener como finalidad servir en un juzgado como prueba de parte, para lo que tienen capacidades comunicativas desarrolladas para convencer al tribunal y ratificar satisfactoriamente su informe pericial.

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