Damage Commissioners

Investigation of accidents in nautical and transport in general

Maritime Damage Commissioner

The fault commissioner will inspect and assess the losses and/or damages suffered by the merchandise.

Damage Commissioners practice their profession in the field of transport (land, sea and air). Throughout the Spanish territory and member states of the European Union, professionals with this qualification are required. The Damage Commissioners verify faults in ships and transport vehicles, determine causes of faults, evaluate and certify, and professionally represent and advise policyholders, insurers or third parties in salvage operations, claim settlement or risk prevention.

Its mission, in the field of air, sea and land transport, is to verify and recognize the accident, as well as inspect the losses and damages caused.

Like the expert, he must have extensive technical and legal knowledge. Its performance will respond to criteria and principles of objectivity and rigor.

Regardless of the expert work intrinsic to the function of the damage commissioner, which is to delimit the extent of the damage and evaluate it, delimit the causes of the accident and take all possible evidence about it, he must above all be an impartial figure in the sinister. Since it is not his mission to determine responsibilities, enter into the coverage analysis or establish amounts of compensation, but to limit himself to attesting to the events that occurred, the commissioner can even act on behalf of different interests, which will trust his objectivity and professionalism, which is why their honesty and independence from the parties are essential. With this, he acts in a certain way as an “arbitrator” or “mediator”, such current figures in these times, simplifying and making conflict resolution cheaper.

Our function as Damage Commissioner, in the field of air, sea and land transport, is to verify and recognize a claim, as well as inspect and assess the losses and damages caused to the merchandise.