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Yachts surveys amd Marine Surveyor


Yachts surveys amd Marine SurveyorV

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Cartagena Marine Surveyor

Tarragona: GBBoats provides comprehensive yacht surveying services, including pre-purchase, condition assessments, and insurance surveys for yacht owners and buyers in Tarragona.

Barcelona: GBBoats offers thorough yacht inspections and surveys in Barcelona, ensuring vessel seaworthiness and compliance for yacht owners and maritime businesses.

Valencia: GBBoats conducts meticulous surveys and evaluations of yachts in Valencia, providing detailed reports and expert advice for informed decision-making.

Ibiza: GBBoats specializes in tailored yacht surveying services for luxury yacht owners and charter companies in Ibiza, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Palma de Mallorca: GBBoats offers comprehensive yacht surveys in Palma de Mallorca for yacht owners, brokers, and insurance companies.

Mahón (Menorca): In Mahón, GBBoats provides thorough inspections and surveys for yacht owners and buyers, offering valuable insights and recommendations.

Cartagena: GBBoats delivers expert yacht surveying services in Cartagena, ensuring safety and compliance for yacht owners and maritime businesses.

Almería: GBBoats offers professional yacht surveying solutions in Almería, evaluating vessel condition and seaworthiness with precision.


At GBBOATS, we specialize in comprehensive yacht services, including surveying, design, and marine assessments. Our experienced team conducts meticulous inspections and evaluations to ensure vessel safety and compliance. From pre-purchase surveys to condition assessments and insurance evaluations, we provide detailed reports and expert advice to assist yacht owners and buyers in making informed decisions. Our bespoke yacht design services blend luxury and functionality, tailored to meet individual preferences and needs. Whether in bustling ports like Barcelona and Cartagena or serene locales like Mahón, our commitment to excellence ensures smooth sailing and peace of mind for clients across the Mediterranean. Trust GBBOATS for unparalleled quality and expertise in yacht care and services.